U17 8+:  1st in Southeast – REGIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!

Junior 8+, A:  2nd in State

Freshmen 4+:  2nd in State

Junior 4X:  3rd in State

Freshmen 4X:  5th in State

Junior 8+, B:  6th in State

Varsity 4+:  7th in State

Lightweight 4X:  9th in State


Junior 8+:  1st in State – STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

U17 8+:  3rd in Southeast

Freshmen 4+:  4th in State

Junior 4+:  5th in State 


No year-end racing.

Racing ended in March due to Covid-19.


U17 4+:  2nd in Southeast

Freshman 4+:  1st in State – STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

Junior Varsity 4+:  3rd in State

Varsity 4+:  4th in State

Youth 4+:  8th in Southeast


Junior 4+:  2nd in State

Freshman 4+:  3rd in State

U17 4+: 5th in Southeast

Youth 4+:  9th in Southeast

Youth 2nd 4+: 9th in Southeast

Varsity 2-: 9th in State

Junior 8+:  9th in State

2017 – Our 1st Time At States!

Junior 4+:  3rd in State

Junior Varsity 4+:  3rd in State

Most have the will to win.

Few have the will to prepare to win.

Bobby Knight