Racing & Regattas

We are a competitive team that trains to be successful at regattas.  Our goal is to prepare every girl for racing.  Every girl has the opportunity to make a boat.  Her fitness level, technique, attitude and attendance will determine which boat she makes.

We are similar to a “travel team” in other sports such as soccer or volleyball.  Other than any regattas that may be in Miami, all regattas require a two day commitment.    We drive up on Friday morning to practice the course on Friday afternoon.  This requires the girls taking school off on Friday.  Girls ride with their own parent or another parent.  They are not allowed to drive themselves.  We then have a team dinner and stay overnight on Friday.  The girls room with their boat mates.  Racing generally takes place from 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturday.  We then drive home.

For our championship regattas such as States and Regionals, a three day commitment is required as racing takes place on Saturday AND Sunday.  So, we drive up on Friday and stay overnight on Friday and Saturday.

Many families attend the regattas also.  Families are a huge help to us!  They provide the tents and food and most importantly, they give us support and encouragement.  Most families come to love this sport.  It’s really fun to hang out and watch the races while getting to know other families.  You really can’t go wrong with being involved in the sport your daughter loves!

Prior to each regatta, we will send you information with the location, schedule and what to bring.  We also reserve rooms for parents at our team hotels should you wish to stay there too.  Other than Regionals, Hooch and Nationals, all race fees are included in your dues which cover regatta fees, hotels, dinners and boat transportation.