Attendance Policy

Attendance is extremely important in Rowing.  To be our best, every athlete needs to attend practice and regattas.  You will improve your technique, fitness and racing.  This in turn will make our whole team faster!


The coaches expect you to be at each practice but we also understand that things do come up.  Please text your coach by 4 PM on Saturday prior to each week and let us know if you cannot make a particular practice and your reason.



Attendance at regattas is mandatory.



Sometimes an SAT/ACT test date will conflict with our regattas.  Please check our Race Calendar so that you can schedule your tests for non-regatta dates.  We also have the SAT/ACT test dates on our Team Calendar that work with our schedule.  The best way to manage Rowing and SAT/ACT tests, is to prepare during the summer and take the tests in the fall.  Thank you!

Vacations & Days Off

We have days off.  Please check our Team Calendar for those dates.  Please schedule appointments, college visits and vacations during our days off or in the summer.  Thank you!


If you become ill, please text your coach as soon as you know you cannot make practice.  Rest up and take care of yourself!

Day of Cancellation/No Show

These types of absences are frowned upon as every practice is planned beforehand assuming you will be there.  It is very disruptive to everyone if you do not show up.  Your boat will be waiting on you to go out.  Please be considerate.

Early Dismissals

Our practices occur at their stated time even when there is early dismissal from schools.

Attendance will be noted at each practice.

It is a strong factor in making practice and race line-ups.

Thank you for helping our team to be our best!

“I want to hire employees who don’t show up”   Said no boss ever.