Team Captain and Class Representatives


Our team captain and class representatives are elected by their teammates.

It is an honor to be recognized by your peers and a privilege to serve your team!


Captain: Julia Keith

  • Hometown:  Fort Lauderdale

  • School:  Senior, St. Thomas Aquinas High School

  • Joined:  Fall, 2017

  • 2019, Sophomore Class Representative; 2020, Junior Class Representative

  • State Finalist: 2018, 3rd, Freshman 4+;  2019, 4th, Varsity 4+ 

  • In middle school, Julia was on many sports and decided to try Rowing the summer before her freshman year.  We all learned that Julia is a natural rower and she has been a dedicated member ever since!  She is competitive and likes to succeed.  She is also well respected by her teammates and provides positive leadership which helps to make our whole team better!

2020-2021 Class Representatives

Senior Class:  Patricia Wojtas

Junior Class:  Jenna Keith

Sophomore Class:  Morgan Murphy

Freshman Class:  Gianna Gramanzini

2019-2020 Captain and Class Representatives

Captain:  Sophie Selwood

Senior Class:  Lara Jimenez

Junior Class:  Julia Keith

Sophomore Class:  Jenna Keith

Freshman Class:  Gabriella Shires

2018-2019 Captain and Class Representatives

Captain:  Anna Schneider

Junior Class:  Sophie Selwood

Sophomore Class:  Julia Keith

Freshman Class:  Audrey Vilendrer


2017-2018 Captains

Nicolette McPharlin and Rebekah Pereira

2016-2017 Captains

Cameron Cunningham and Leniza Dever